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You Earn The Money. We Help You Keep It

The Second Estate offers its clients the same financial growth and asset protection strategy used by the 1%.

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The Second Estate demystifies the complex planning strategies used by the ultra-rich and offers the same programs to our clients. It is not about timing the markets, finding obscure deductions or using little-known “loopholes”.

The programs offered by The Second Estate are based on foundational tax law and federal statutory codes working together to create, expand, and protect our client’s financial position.

At The Second Estate, your personal wealth-building program may use one or more of the following strategies to achieve your financial goals.

Learn From Us

Below is just a sample of the different tax-saving initiatives we teach our clients. Learning about these techniques will help you to better manage your money. Some of these programs include:

Invest in Legally Any Asset Class Capital Gains Tax Free

Buy And Sell Real Estate and Never Pay Capital Gains

Deal With The Changing Tax Code That Will Greatly Affect Investments and Your Estate Plan

Legally Virtually Eliminate State Income Tax Like The Big Companies Do

Safeguard Your Estate From Predators and Creditors Alike

The Most Advanced Asset Protection and Tax Strategies Ever Created

What The IRS is Looking For and Why and How to Prevent a Successful Audit

How To Create Perpetual Wealth Like the Great American Families of Old

The Most Successful Ways To Invest WITHOUT Creating A Tax Liability!

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Entrepreneurs and business owners in general are more tenacious and have a higher threshold for taking risks then those seeking a more stable but less rewarding career. We invest our time and money and make sacrifices to achieve our goals.

Informed entrepreneurs and business owners avoid taking unnecessary risk and minimizing existing risks by properly structuring their business and personal lives. By simply structuring one’s business correctly, liability can be compartmentalized and minimized while increasing tax-saving benefits.


The Vault

The Vault is The Second Estate’s own unique IRS approved program that was developed by our own financial experts to help you control your financial future and and help you increase your earning potential. The program makes use of current tax codes and asset protection techniques to free up money for you to use.


Investment Grade Insurance Contracts

An investment-grade insurance contract is an insurance contract that allows you to not only invest your money without having to pay taxes on its growth, but can use it when you need it, also without having to pay taxes on the money you use from it. That means you can put your money away, make interest, earn interest on your interest, and not share any of it with the government as it grows.


Tax Strategies

“Anyone may so arrange his affairs that his taxes shall be as low as possible, he is not bound to choose that pattern which will best pay the Treasury; there is not even a patriotic duty to increase one’s taxes.” Gregory v. Helvering, Learned Hand, Chief Justice U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit,

The Second Estate can help you structure your business to take advantage of tax rules and regulations within the bounds of economic substance to maximize your tax savings. We do not find “loopholes”, we use the laws as they are written to our client’s advantage.

Estate Planning

Proper Estate Planning is not only about the legacy you pass on, it is the ability to improve the quality and enjoyment of the one life you have through proper asset management and protection. The Second Estate will help you build and protect your hard-earned assets and secure them for your beneficiaries and heirs.

Raising Capital

You have a brilliant idea, have worked hard to put together a plan for monetizing it, and now just need some start-up capital to put your plan in motion. Or maybe you have an established business and want to expand and grow and need to raise some money to do so. These are good problems to have, but the processes for raising capital are highly regulated and have tax consequences you may not foresee.

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Financing For Your Law Firm

Get rid of the cost of supporting your clients’ lawsuits. Reclaim ownership of your hard-earned money by leveraging investments in order to obtain a low-interest loan for your clients.

Law firms are now making one modification to their company finances to leverage their assets in such a manner that they may take out low-interest loans based on their asset-protected investments offered by The Second Estate, using the law and established finance concepts.

According to a 2017 poll, the usage of litigation finance in the United States has increased by 414% since 2013, with half of all lawyers who haven’t used it yet planning to do so within the next two years.

The best thing is that we’ll keep track of your client’s loans for you while also managing the loan. All you have to do is tell us how much money you require, and we’ll transfer the funds into your account. Once the matter is resolved, you tell us how much interest is owed, and we’ll deduct the funds from your account to repay the loan. It’s as simple as that!

Below you will find a video that gives an example of how this could work for your law firm!

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